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(10/28/16) EXHIBIT: photographic coral comparisons displayed during the symposium “From Sea To Changing Sea” at The Radcliffe Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts

(8/31/16) Video for National Park Service – view Biscayne National Park video

(3/4-8/15) – Animated Powerpoint –  Climate Change Above & Below the Water Line – Beneath the Waves flagship film festival, Quebec City, Canada, and now touring with the festival

(11/15/12) VIDEO: Photographer’s Images Document Climate Change – CBS-TV BOSTON  Joe Joyce

(11/15/12) AUDIO: A Photographic Diary of the Climate Crisis – WBUR, BOSTON’S NPR NEWS STATION

(11/15/12) POWERPOINT: Photographing Climate Change Above And Below The Waterline – IMAX Theater, New England Aquarium

(7/9/12) POWERPOINT: photos used by convenor of the 12th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia

(ongoing) POWERPOINT: Several photographic pairs used in presentations by the Hon. Al Gore

(4/08/08) – VIDEO: Exhibit Highlights Shrinking Glaciers, – THE BOSTON CHANNEL.COM reporter David Brown

(4/05/08) – VIDEO & PRINT: New Photo Exhibit Shows Impact Of Global Warming, –  Mish Michaels

(4/03/08) – VIDEO: Global Warming Exhibit at Boston Museum of Science, – MY FOX BOSTON Reporter A.J. Burnett

(4/07/08) – AUDIO: Slide Show  –  HERE-NOW.ORG

(10/23/06) – AUDIO: Photos Capture Melting of Alaska’s Glaciers, – NPR’S ALL THINGS CONSIDERED  Ed Schoenfeld

“The pictures speak for themselves….The world’s glaciers, melting under a sun magnified by noxious gases, ice bound canaries silently warning of an impending more hostile climate.” Jim Avila, World News Tonight, ABC News


(6/26/15) Then and Now: Coral Comparisons Offer Clues to Changing Climate THE DAILY CLIMATE  David Arnold

(August 2013) Reefs In Retreat GEOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE  David Arnold

(8/4/13) From reef to rubble in 16 years – (Download a PDF copy) – THE SUNDAY TIMES  James Gillespie

(10/28/12) Undersea Saviors – (Download a PDF copy) – THE BOSTON GLOBE  David Arnold

(Summer 2012) – Coral Reefs and the Shifting Baseline Syndrome – volume 23, page 15 African Diver

(Fall 2011) – Sometimes a beautiful photograph is not a pretty picture, (Download a PDF copy) – ARCHITECTURE BOSTON David Arnold

(August 2011) – Melting glaciers, warming seas, (Download a PDF copy) – CHICO NEWS REVIEW Christine G.K. LaPado

(August 2011) – Reefs at Risk, (Download a PDF copy) – HARVARD MAGAZINE Jonathan Shaw

(August 2011) – Then and now glacier photos illustrate global warming, (Download a PDF copy) – Heather Hacking

(Fall 2010) – Double Exposure at the Montshire Museum, (Download a PDF copy) – HERE IN HANOVER Reed McManus

(March/April-2010) – Earth Beat: That Shrinking Feeling, (Download a PDF copy) – Sierra Club Reed McManus

(1/21/10) – Glaciers in meltdown, – CNN WORLD  Matthew Knight

(12/13/09) – The great retreat  (Photos), (Donwload PDF) – LOS ANGELES TIMES  David Arnold

(9/9/09) – Natural History exhibit portrays warming climate through photos, – PITTSBURGH TRIBUTE REVIEW  Kurt Shaw

(7/15/09) – Photographers’ Images Capture Global Warming’s Advance, – SOCIETY OF ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISTS

(7/20/08) – Exhibit shows disappearance of glaciers, – THE SUNDAY GREENWICH TIMES  Martin B. Cassidy

(4/09/08) – Chilling photos on display, – THE BOSTON GLOBE

(4/3/08) – As Earth Day approaches, ECO calling attention to environmental issues, – THE TUFTS DAILY  Eliza Howe

(3/31/08) – Health/Science Calendar, – THE BOSTON GLOBE

(6/20/07) – Burning issues, – THE BOSTON PHOENIX  Greg Cook

(1/18/07) – Melting Giants: Glaciers 70 Years Later, – ABC’S WORLD NEWS TONIGHT Photo Gallery

(6/15/06) – A Melting World, – HARVARD MAGAZINE by J.S.S.

(1/2/06) – Portrait of change, – THE BOSTON GLOBE  David Arnold