About Us

solutions_sunDouble Exposure creates museum-quality photographic pairs to illustrate environmental change on the planet above and below the water line.

Photojournalist David Arnold replicates photographs of glaciers and coral reefs.

With historic photos taken by the late Bradford Washburn as early as the 1930s, Arnold documents for the lay public that the earth is warming dramatically. In early 2008, the photographs anchored a traveling exhibit co-produced by Gabriela Romanow in partnership with BostonÕs Museum of Science. After an uninterrupted four-year tour, the exhibit recently landed at the Nicholas School of Environment at Duke University for an extended stay.

Most recently Arnold has re-photographed the coral reef scenes captured by several pioneer underwater photographers. The disturbing comparisons from the Caribbean and the Florida Keys illustrate a significant decline in reef health, almost always due to human abuse. The collection also includes elements of hope, featuring images of healthy and nascent corals thanks to Marine Protected Areas and coral transplant volunteer programs.

Double Exposure is happy to rent pairs of images. We invite creative initiatives that will put the collection of pictures from above and below to most effective educational use. We support use of the pictures in broader exhibits about global climate change or perhaps in public art presentations. Help us help you.

“Bravo, an environmental tour de force. With the blink of a lens, David Arnold captures a time warp that says it all – global warming is real!”
Pete Nicholas, Chairman, Boston Scientific